Efficient Management

  • Inventory Management

    Connected all products to marketplace, easy and quick for inventory sync to maximize your sales.

  • Order Management

    Sync all orders from marketplace, auto arrange shipment and print airway bill in one platform.

  • Multi-Channel Sales Summary

    Check all different channel sales in one platform, monitor sales summary quickly and easily.


Arrange shipment automatically, bulk print all marketplace AWB.
  • Simplify Job Process

    Auto arrange your shipment without crossing via different platforms and do it manually. Bulk print all airway bills including our custom item list for picking job.

Plan Strategy with data

  • Live Report

    See sales performance across all your channels in one platform, in real time.

  • Monitor & Improve Strategy

    Monitor sales in one platform and improve promotion strategy quickly to increase channel sales performance.

Analytic & Report

  • Sales Report

    Check daily, monthly or yearly sales report to monitor your sales.

  • Advanced Report

    VennPOS provides other advanced reports such as customer sales, peak hour sales, category and promotion.

  • Analytic

    VennPOS generates many different analytic report to help you understand your business status and plan your next strategy.

Marketplace Features

Sell to more channels and get more sales.

Product Upload & Sync

Sync your existing product detail from online store to marketplace.

Inventory Sync

Update quantity from online store backend, auto sync to marketplace inventory.

Marketplace Order Sync

Auto push order from all marketplace to your online store backend.

Auto Arrange Shipment

Shipment from different marketplace will be auto arranged by Webspert Ecommerce .

Tracking Code & AWB

Auto update tracking code to Webspert Ecommerce and ready to print AWB.

Item Picking List

Auto generate item picking list and merge with existing AWB.

Marketplace Order Status

Auto get latest order status from different marketplace and update to one platform.

Bulk Print AWB

Bulk print all marketplace AWB in one platform - Webspert Ecommerce.

Custom Summary Report

View all channel sales summary and products sold custom report.

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